We are opening new concept store located based on distribution and retail at Velikomoravska street no.11

We do what we love and we would love most of you to love it too!!!

We have a rich experience based on couple of restaurants we completely designed and equipped. Lorenzo and Kakalamba, Duke of Duduke, Burger, Piglet and Goulash institute and upcoming Sana Daae.

We are going into trading in interior design fixtures (statues, paintings, chandeliers and other) which made our restaurants famous and well recognized.

We also sell:
• Ceramic grills/ smokers
• BBQ accessories
• Digital smokers
• Gas grills
• Pellet grills
• Pizza ovens
• Dry ageing meet cabinets
• Blast chillers/ shock freeze chambers
• Commercial ventilation systems
• Tableware

We truly hope you will find something you’ll fall in love with instantly among our wide offer of items.

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Yours truly Mirius team.

New products

  • Cold Smoke Adaptor
    Cold Smoke Adaptor
    The Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor is designed to enhance the low temperature performance of the three models of Bradley Smoker that are sold complete with cabinets. A design feature of Bradley Smokers is the ability to completely remove the smoke generator apparatus from the smoking food cabinet . In this way the heat from the bisquette heater, the source of the smoke, dissipates outside of the insulated cabinet which experiences therefore, no significant rise in temperature.
  • X-Oven 3
    X-Oven 3
    X-OVEN presents a new generation of charcoal ovens for chefs who want to prepare gourmet food preserving its authenticity, taste and aroma while taking full advantage of a unique modern cooking system.

Who We Are

We are opening a new, spectacular, office space in Velikomoravska 11 st , and the concept is distribution and selling of:

• artworks

• consumer goods

So far many times we connected incompatible and offered something for everyone. We are representatives of foreign companies and distributors of various products.

We do what we love and we would like you to love it too!!!

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