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Irinox CP One


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New products

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  • Primo Kamado All-In-One
    Primo Kamado All-In-One
    Our traditional 18.5" round Kamado style grill. Features an ergonomic handle, Cradle Stand, FDA approved food safe Side Tables, Ash Tool, and Grate Lifter.

Who We Are

We are opening a new, spectacular, office space in Velikomoravska 11 st , and the concept is distribution and selling of:

• artworks

• consumer goods

So far many times we connected incompatible and offered something for everyone. We are representatives of foreign companies and distributors of various products.

We do what we love and we would like you to love it too!!!

Our mission

In creating the visual identity of our restaurants and traveling around the world we have met different cultures and many interesting people with their strengths and weaknesses, needs and aspirations as well as a desire for the extraordinary. For this reason, we started to sell interior details that you can’t find everywhere. Figures, statues, paintings, chandeliers and most of the things that are part of the interior of our restaurants, in future, we hope, can be the part of your homes, offices, shops.