Bradley bisquettes mesquite

2.640,00 Din.

This is the final sale price.


Suitable for fish & seafood, beef, pork, game, water fowl, nuts


Sve cene su sa uračunatim PDV-om, nema dodatnih skrivenih troškova.

New products

  • Figura Tito
    Figura Tito
    Josip Broz Tito bust. This bust is completely handmade by our artist.
  • Savioli Bandsaw 1650 CE Painted
    Savioli Bandsaw 1650 CE Painted
    For domestic and professional use. Suitable for hotels and restaurants kitchens. Used to cut both fresh and frozen meat/fish and bones.
  • Grill'n Smoke Patio Classic BBQ-Grill
    Grill'n Smoke Patio Classic BBQ-Grill
    Grill area 44 x 36 cm with 2-piece cooking grate. Side pull-out with dump ash pan. Convenience shelf, bamboo. Mobility with two wheels. Dimensions: approx. 80 x 56 x 107 cm (W x D x H)
  • Mafijaš
    This bust represent Josip Broz Tito as a member of mafia.

Who We Are

We are opening a new, spectacular, office space in Velikomoravska 11 st , and the concept is distribution and selling of:

• artworks

• consumer goods

So far many times we connected incompatible and offered something for everyone. We are representatives of foreign companies and distributors of various products.

We do what we love and we would like you to love it too!!!

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