REMARKS: Prior to payment by credit cards such as VISA, MAESTRO, please double check to make sure that the desired article is available on stock, so that it can be delivered immediately upon payment. Contact tel. is following: +381 11 283 06 03


You are kindly requested to read these conditions for use and responsibilities prior to using services of our web page.



By registration to the web page and/or by using the mirius.rs web page, it is considered that the user has been informed with the above mentioned terms of use, and that he/she is fully understanding them and accepting. If the user does not agree with the afore mentioned conditions, we are kindly requesting the party not to use our web pages and the service.



By registering for the Mirius services the user gets data regarding the user order – user name and password. The user is obliged to keep the account number safe, and is fully responsible for all/any damage by unauthorized use of his order. By completing the registration, the user accepts responsibility for activities connected with the usage of the Mirius services. The services may not be used for any illegal activities, and the user of the services is committed to use them in accordance with currently valid laws, regulations or conventions, including, but not refraining from those that refer to privacy of data, international communication and exporting technical or personal data. Mirius has no control regarding the content of information transferred thru users account nos. Mirius does not guarantee accuracy or validity of anyone’s opinion, advice or statements issued via/thru Mirius order form, or is advocating for any of them. The users are strictly forbidden to use our services for transferring, or communicating any illegal, harmful, threatening, disturbing, vulgar, or any other information of similar kind. This includes and goes beyond to any kind of behavior that could encourage criminal act, violation of rights of third persons that could result in citizens’ responsibilities, or violation of any local, state or other laws. The user is committed not to use this service in any way that could harm Mirius, or its other users.



Mirius maintains the discretion right to cancel, or change the image, content and conditions of the Mirius web page, as well as all of the services that are integral part of the Mirius network, without obligation to prior information. The changes are valid immediately upon being published on the web site. Mirius is not responsible for any harm caused by these changes. The users accepts the fact that the Online Shop does not guarantee permanent, continuous and steady approach to our website, or that the work of our website could be influenced by numerous circumstances or facts beyond our control.



All content available on the website, or links, and that includes web design, text, corporate names, logo for various services, logotype, web pages and Mirius domain name are protected by authors rights, or other laws on intellectual property, hence it cannot be reproduced, distributed or used in any other manner for commercial purposes without explicit approval of the Mirius network. This also refers to cases that could in any way cause harm to the Mirius network, or to the third party. Documents, data and information published on Mirius network can only be used for users’ personal needs, at their responsibility, with respect to all authors’ and ownership rights, and rights of the third parties.



The user is obliged to refund or compensate any harm, including Mirius, its partners companies, officers, CEO and does not hold employees to be responsible for any claims or requests, including reasonable legal refund and expenses requested by third parties that are resulting as outcome of the users misuse of the services, out of violation of this agreement, or violation of the rights by the users who are using or fiddling with the users account nos, or any violation of the intellectual property rights, or any other right, or ny person or entity. Mirius withholds the right to cancelation or denial possibility to use the users account for the services that the user has been registered for without prior information/or explanation. Mirius holds no responsibility for any damage caused by cancelation of the users order account for which the user has been registered.



Information and material on our website may have some technical or typographic errors. Content of the website is occasionally changed. Mirius gives no statements or guarantee referring to information, material or pictures on the website, and by this Mirius explicitly refrains from any kind of guarantee regarding any piece of information, material or picture on its webpage. Under no circumstances, and that including negligence, Mirius, or the third party that is involved in creation, production or distribution of service can be held responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, specific or causal damage that result from the use or inability to use a required service, or for the erroneous outcome, stop of work, deleting the database, shortcomings, missing deadlines in the process of work, or transmission or any other failure of successful output.



When entering the data of your credit card, all personal confidential information are transmitted via public network in secured (encrypted) form using the SSL Protocol, which is currently considered to be the most up to date cryptographic technology. The safety and protection of your data in the process of purchasing a product is guaranteed by a processor of payment cards of the Banca Intesa ad, Beograd, hence the entire process of payment is carried out on the Bank payment pages. The data of the payment card are not available to use for one single moment.



In case the product is returned and the buyer has to be refunded, since he has already paid the product by some of the credit cards, upon delivery, or by proforma, partly or completely, and regardless of the reason for return, Mirius is obliged to carry out the refund only thru VISA, EC/ and MAESTRO method of payment, if the payment has been done by card, and that means that the bank will, at the request of the seller refund the money through postal service or other courier service that has collected the payment upon delivery. The payments done thru the account no, refund is easily done with a common bank order with a note “refund of resources”.



All payments will be made in local currency of the Republic of Serbia i.e. Dinar (RSD). The amount that will be charged to your payment card will be expressed in your local currency through conversion by using the exchange rate used by Card organizations, and we cannot know the rate at any given moment, until the time of the conversion takes place. As a result of this conversion, it is possible that a minor difference in price appears; that the price indicated on the article on our web site and the price on the date of conversion slightly vary. Thank you for your understanding.



We commit ourselves to guard the privacy of all of our clients. We are asking only for necessary, basic info about the customer/users, being the data necessary to do the business and to inform the users, which is in accordance with good business practices and with the aim to offer good quality services. The database on our users/buyers are strictly guarded and are available only to employees who need then only to do their part of the job. All our employees are held responsible for respecting the principle of the privacy protection.



If you should establish during the first time use of the product that it is malfunctioning, or that you are not satisfied with its performance, please contact us and follow the necessary steps: Send us information with your order no., receipt no. or your username and description of the fault by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phone 011-283-06-03. We will send you confirmation that your claim has been received, and based on your description of the deficiency or fault, we will give you the information whether the product can be replaced for new one, can it be returned for money refund, or fixed at the authorized service. In cases when the product can be replaced for a new one or a cash refund made, we then send delivery service to your address, who will take it back to our storage. Once it gets there, we will inform you about refund of assets/new product. Refund/or new product will take place in 2-3 days time, and no later than 15 days. If that should not be so, for some reason, please do call us back on +381 11-283-06-03 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In case the product needs to be sent to the authorized service, we will forward you the information about the service. If the product was damaged in transport, the damage can be seen while receiving it, so we are kindly requesting you not to receive the package. Please contact us so that we could check the status of the parcel and send a new one ASAP. We hope to resolve your claim to our mutual satisfaction. The product that does not satisfy your needs can be replaced for a new one, or be returned with cash refund in the period of 14 days from the day it reached your address.




DEADLINE FOR DELIVERY: The Mirius.rs Internet shop commences the process of organizing delivery of the product after the purchaser completes his order and buying. Delivery is made in 2-7 days, except for products for which the buyer has been informed about a different delivery time. Saturdays and Sundays are not counted in the delivery time. In case we are delayed with delivery due to this major (lost products, damaged products in the delivering process, in the distribution center of our partner company who has returned the product back to the Internet shop without delivering it to the buyer etc., ) mirius.rs does not take the first risk responsibility, and commits itself to deliver the product in the shortest possible time.

Inability to deliver product by the seller: If it is impossible to deliver a product by the seller due to the fact that it is not on stock, or is impossible to have it ordered from the manufacturer, the seller will inform the buyer in writing, who can then cancel the order, or accept new delivery time. If the purchaser decides to cancel the order, the seller will return him money ASAP, no later than 30 days from the day of the delay in delivery. When the buyer pays by credit card via Internet, his card will not be debited until the delivery. In case the cancelation takes place within 7 days upon delivery the seller will stop payment with the bank which had issued the payment card. Delivery: mirius.rs internet shop in cooperation with courier services delivers good on the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia.

  • In order to provide and secure a better quality communication between the buyer and delivery services, employees of the mirius.rs internet shop will forward to delivery services contact tel. no. of the buyer which was listed in the registration form.

  • If the purchaser wants delivery to be made by another courier service, he has to inform mirius.rs immediately upon ordering. In that case, the buyer personally contacts courier service and makes arrangements.

  • The products are packed in the manner that they do not get damaged in the course of normal manipulation. When receiving the good, the buyer is oblige to check the status of the product, and if he notices any damage he should immediately claim it to the courier (worker of the company in charge for the delivery of goods).

  • The seller denies any responsibility regarding damages that may occur during the delivery.

  • If the buyer does not receive the product, or information about the delivery, after it has already been shipped in expected timeframe, the buyer is entitled to inform the seller, in order to track down the product, or to send a replacement.

If the buyer refuses to receive good quality, undamaged good which he has ordered, the seller is entitled to request compensation of all expenses connected with that delivery. Send us information with order no., account no., or your user name and description for the return on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. no +381 11-2830603. Delivery for abroad: Please send us your requests to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the product you want delivered and state the place and the country in which you want to receive the package. We will forward you our offer in the shortest possible time including the delivery price.

Who We Are

We are opening a new, spectacular, office space in Velikomoravska 11 st , and the concept is distribution and selling of:

• artworks

• consumer goods

So far many times we connected incompatible and offered something for everyone. We are representatives of foreign companies and distributors of various products.

We do what we love and we would like you to love it too!!!

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